What is the difference between a pump aid for pumping of stucco, plaster, shotcrete, etc. mortars and admixtures for water reducing, air entraining, plasticizing, etc.? There is no difference at all. If one cannot take the pumping aid out of the mix design that goes into the application then it’s an admixture that can, and will affect the short and long-term quality of the plaster, stucco, and shotcrete applications. And essentially all pumping aids consist of detergents, clays, etc.

The long term effects of pump aids/admixtures are being seen today in the number of litigations regarding the aforementioned mortar trades/applications. Our competitors’ admixtures require additional pump aids/admixtures to complete their applications. Kel-Crete Premium Liquid Admixture will not require additional pump aids, and has 54 years and counting as a non-toxic, no-failure admixture for plaster, stucco, masonry, shotcrete, and concrete.

Please review our web site at www:Kel-Crete.com for specifications, technical data, history, completed projects and those in progress, safety data, etc., etc. As always you may call our office at 800-845-1833 for technical service, or for just some good mortar talk.

Chuck Green,

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