We are getting more and more feedback where contractors are using our Kel-Crete Premium Liquid Admixture in their stamped concrete projects.  Since we have not promoted our Kel-Crete in this area further research has made it clear that the same overall benefits in the mortar industries are being enjoyed even more in the stamped concrete industry.

To see for yourself, in the photo I had 900 s.f. of patio done at my home.  The personal feedback I got from the contractor was that Kel-Crete at just 4 ounces per cubic yard worked great.  He went on to say, “Mr. Chuck I can just tell you it is a complete product! It works great and save labor costs.”

Should you wish to try our Kel-Crete please call our office at 800-845-1833 for a free one-gallon sample.  Kel-Crete is non-toxic, and has over 57 years of non-failure in all of the mortar industries.  Non-toxic and non-failure are features of the future.

Have a great day,

Chuck Green,


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