Re: Kel-Crete Premium Liquid Admixture vs. Gibco’s PRF/MRF admixture (pump aid admixture)

We recently received a phone call from a material supply company (dealer). He said, “Chuck, a contractor came into our place and wanted to purchase Kel-Crete Admixture. I told him that I would have to order some for him.” I had to ask him why he wanted the Kel-Crete instead of Gibco’s PRF? He said because the contractor said that for one thing he would not have to purchase a pump aid with Kel-Crete, and he would need to do so with Gibco’s PRF. I told the dealer that what he was being charged for Kel-Crete Admixture would more than make up for his loss in pump aid sales.

P.S. Don’t forget PUMP AIDS ARE ALSO ADMIXTURES because you can’t the PUMP AIDS out of the mix design/application therefore the pump aid becomes an UNTESTED ADMIXTURE.

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