Kel-Prime is a multi-purposeful product.  It got its name 53 years ago as a very good primer for paint application as well as a good paint additive.  As a primer only one would mix the Kel-Prime 50/50 with water at the job site.  As a paint additive 8 ounces would be added per one gallon of acrylic paint at the job site, or by the paint manufacturer.  Both mix designs work very well as a primer and first coat of paint.

It was also discovered that Kel-Prime performed as a great curing/hardening/sealing agent that is fire resistant.  As a sealer it works well over color and acid stains, concrete pavers and waterscapes, masonry walls, plaster/stucco applications, etc.  If its a mortar project Kel-Prime’s multi-uses will greatly enhance the end product.  Finally Kel-Prime has 53 of history without failure.


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