Wow! Fifty-six years and counting with no-failure use of Kel-Crete Industries products. What a ride. Kel-Crete products were on the market and met the standards for Carbon Footprinting (the age of a project without failure) was even conceived. The same can be said for Leeds (non-toxic, non-hazardous products). We did get an “Infrared Spectroscopy” test to prove that we met the Leeds standards.

Our products have been used in plaster, stucco, masonry, shotcrete and concrete projects nationally from Hawaii to the East Coast in waterscapes, rockscapes, zoos, and fountains in both residential and commercial projects. We are very proud to say our products have been used in the Universal Studios “Harry Potter” exhibit, and in a number of Disney projects.

We love our products because they are safe to use in the various industries. And we love the people we’ve met and worked with to gain their support in us and our products. We look forward to each day we are allowed to continue our business with all of you.

Please take a look on this web site for specifications, technical and safety data, history, etc. We may be reached at 800-845-1833, or email us at

Best regards,
Chuck Green,

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