For the first time since 1962 we were recently asked, “Do you have an ASTM C-693 bonding test for your Kel-Prime curing/sealing/hardening/bonding non-toxic agent?”

We had to say that we had not heard of such an ASTM test. After searching for three weeks for a certified accredited laboratory to perform such a test we still have not found one. The problem is that our admixtures have been performing without failure, and before 95% of the ASTM testing procedures were even formulated. Although we have completed all the independent testing required for plaster, stucco, masonry, shotcrete and concrete, there seems to be a new one pop up from time to time.

There have a been a great number of competitors out there trying their best to duplicate our products, and to date have failed. The major problem is that it takes one to three years for the failures to start showing up in law suits. If I was an architect, general contractor, homeowner, or commercial project owner, etc. I would look at the proven no-failure list of completed projects and say, “This is what I want; no failure, no law suits”. As a plaster contractor, and now a manufacturer this is what I have done over fifty-three years. Check our web site at It’s all there!

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