Subject: Carved mortar for waterscapes, rockscapes, plaster, concrete, shotcrete, masonry mortar projects, etc.

Recently in a phone conversation with the general manager for the Disney World “Star Wars” project, he told me that the pumping and easy carving of the mortar were just two of the things he really liked about our Kel-Crete admixture.  He went on to say that the curing and sealing were very useful with the use of our Kel-Prime curing/hardening/bonding/sealing agent.  The 96% water retention factor with our Kel-Crete admixture allowed for perfection in the carving process.  And the 24 to 48-hours in the curing and sealing with Kel-Prime were also very important.

Fifty-seven years of carved projects may be viewed on our web site at  Please take a look.  You will not be sorry.

Chuck Green,


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