Subject: EPA Standards; Kel-Crete Industries’ History

Dear Architect:

There is no other admixture that can make the following statements, and support them with independent testing and a project history like Kel-Crete Industries’ products can.

Kel-Crete Industries’ products have 57 years of meeting EPA Leeds Standards as non-toxic products. They also have 57 years of project history that meet and exceed EPA Carbon Footprinting standards. Please visit our web site at for history, safety data, specifications, completed projects list, and photos. Kel-Crete products have proven they are, and always will be non-failure products.

For proven reasons as stated above, Disney Corporation specified our Kel-Crete products for “Avatar” and “Star Wars” in their theme parks. And Kel-Crete was also used by Universal Studios for the “Harry Potter” exhibit. It is our hope that your firm will specify our non-toxic, non-failure products/admixtures for your future projects.

Best regards,

Charles E. Green,

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