As we see the trees begin to bud and the early flowers blooming we also begin to receive phone calls that go like this: “My plaster/stucco is having additional cracking and white stuff (efflorescence) dripping down the walls in a number of areas on my house. What is this?” We also get the same type of questions with regards to masonry, shotcrete and concrete projects.

Although there are a number of “What’s in the mix?” issues that play a part in the failure of freeze-thaw/climatic conditions we are made aware of it every spring. It would take a book to tell you everything that takes place when the temperatures go below 32 degrees (freezing point), and rise above 32 degrees (thaw), and when areas that get 100% more rain, snow, etc. than normal.

One may be inclined to say, “Hey, Chuck, you just want to sell your Kel-Crete admixtures”. Yes that is true if you were just now building a new project with plaster, stucco, masonry, shotcrete and concrete, and for 57 years now and counting there have been no failures. For those of you who are calling and experiencing failures your best choice would be to be safe with using our Kel-Crete products. You may visit our web site at and review our Tuff-Kote Flex 10,000/Kel-Prime Mortar Repair System to fix your issues forever.

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