Last year gave us a 49.7% increase over 2017 in sales. We obtained four additional manufacturers using our non-toxic Kel-Crete Premium Super Dry Admixture. We can now say that we enjoy servicing all of the major cement blending manufacturers in the USA and a number of international companies. We very much appreciate the long-term loyalty and support of our clients. Happy New Year to all of you.

This year of 2019 represents 44 years now that we have been involved with the formulations tested as Kel-Crete. From 1975 to 1990 I used the Kel-Crete formulation admixture as a plaster/stucco contractor, and as a distributor under the name of Plast-R-Fat and Mort-R-Fat. We then purchased the formulation as distributor/manufacturer under the independently tested name of Kel-Crete. The Kel-Crete admixtures/products have never failed us or our clients over the past 57 years since their introductions for all of the above mentioned industries.

There are still a number of good manufacturing companies of plaster, stucco, masonry, shotcrete, and concrete products that could achieve the overall benefits from our no-failure, non-toxic products which exceed EPA Leeds and carbon footprinting. Please visit our web site at Everything that one should need for submittals for use of our products is contained therein.

 We very much thank all of our clients, and again look forward to a healthy and blessed new year.

Charles E. Green,


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