It’s been a while since I wrote about our non-toxic Kel-Crete admixture. Only 4 to 5 ounces per cubic yard will replace silica fume in shotcrete and concrete applications. Kel-Crete is a water reducer to greatly reduce or eliminate shrinkage cracking, and increases the psi values. It is a plasticizer which enhances workability. It is an air entraining agent for freeze/thaw protection. And a gelling agent which allows for lubricating all moving parts of the pump and hose.

Kel-Crete admixture greatly reduces or eliminates rebound, saves on material and labor costs, and will pump with ease. You will also realize fuel cost and equipment maintenance cost savings. You will see that for over 53 years now we have had no failures, and further into this web site you will find history, testing and safety data, endorsements, etc. For technical support and questions please call our office at 800-845-1833.

Charles E. Green,

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