We just returned from visiting some job sites in California. On one project we were meeting with the plastering contractor to introduce him to our Kel-Crete admixture. He was using Gibco’s PRF and a pump aid. A project inspector came up and I asked him about the contractor using the admixture and pump aid that was being used. The inspector told me that the pump aid was not an admixture but simply a pump aid. I asked the inspector to join me at the nozzle of the pumping hose where the plaster was coming out. There I asked the inspector to show me where the contractor was removing the pump aid from the mix design/application. He gave that some thought and said, “You’re right. If the pump aid is not removed from the mix it becomes an admixture.” We tested the Kel-Crete admixture that pumped very well without a pump aid, and the contractor and his dealer became clients.

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