As a plastering contractor myself at one time I can tell you we are very pleased to be able to provide the mortar industries with the best fiber for pumping and end results that one can find, and at an affordable price.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times we have gotten, and still get inquiries asking “Do you folks have fibers?” Up until now we had to say “No.” because we just could never find a good fiber at the right price.

Our Kel-Crete Tech Fibers are packaged in 20-pound bags which is a minimum order. It requires approximately 4 ounces of fibers per 94 pounds of one-part cement/three parts sand mix. The dispersement of the Kel-Crete Tech Fibers through the entire mix design is very good.

Please read our technical data sheets for additional uses and benefits. You can now buy right, pump right, and get the right end results you’ve been wanting to get for years. For service please call 1-800-845-1833, or email us at

Chuck Green,

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