Tuff-Kote Flex 10,000

Tuff-Kote is a NON-TOXIC blended NON-SHRINK mortar using Kel-Crete Premium Super Dry Admixture and a special blend of polymers and low alkali portland cement. FIBERS ARE ADDED FOR ONE-COAT AND PATCH SPECIFICATIONS. Tuff-Kote is highly resistant to water penetration, cracking, movement, etcetera. It comes with a 15-year product warranty when used in accordance with the Tuff-Kote Flex/Kel-Prime Plaster System.

Tuff-Kote meets EPA LEEDS and CARBON FOOTPRINTING standards, and is packaged in 5-gallon plastic pails, and in 80-pound bags for three-coat plaster.

Product Brochure (PDF).

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