Kel-Steel-Crete is a proprietary blended formulation manufactured by Incide Technologies, Inc. Kel-Crete Industries, Inc. and Incide Technologies have enjoyed a business and personal trust relationship for now approaching 20 years. Both of our companies agreed that Kel-Steel-Crete would fit well into our marketing and distribution of the highest quality controlled products possible for the plaster, masonry, shotcrete, concrete, etc. industries.

Further support came about when a locomotive company asked us to come up with suggested specifications for completely repairing their maintenance shop pit floors that would have to withstand the most extreme moisture, heavy traffic, and impact strength resistant conditions that I have ever seen in my 50 years in the construction industry. We had to take oil, grease, water, foot traffic, heavy equipment, dropping of heavy tools and equipment as things we had to address and consider. We also had to compete with other repair coating systems with regards to cost and durability.

After some very extensive testing, we are very pleased that a combination of our Kel-PrimeTuff-Kote Flex 10,000, and Kel-Steel-Crete allowed the locomotive company to achieve all of their desired goals as listed above, and did so at one half the cost of other competitive products. You will find Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and suggested specifications for all three products, technical data sheets, photos, etc. listed on this web site. For technical support and service just call our office at 800-845-1833.

History of Kel-Steel-Crete

Kel-Steel-Crete earned its name because you can walk on it after 72 hours, drive a car over it, or even a truck over and over again without causing any damage. Kel-Steel-Crete performs well under all climatic conditions, and has a very high resistance to moisture and freeze-thaw. Early on we applied Kel-Steel-Crete to a wide asphalt area in front of our loading docks at the plant. After an extended period of time with fork lifts, 18-wheelers, etc. going over it every day the yard man said, “Man this stuff we put down is like steel” thus the name “Kel-Steel-Crete” was born.

CSX Shop Pitts, Before/After Photos

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