Kel-Crete Industries –
Premium Liquid and Super Dry Admixtures

Kel-Crete Industries, Inc. is celebrating over 50 years of manufacturing and distributing non-toxic and non-failure admixtures and sealants.

These admixtures are replacement alternatives for hydrated lime, silica fume, etcetera for the plaster, masonry, shotcrete and concrete construction industries. Kel-Crete eliminates or considerably reduces the need for hydrated lime and silica fume. All products meet EPA "LEEDS", and Carbon Footprinting "Made in the USA" standards.

Chuck "Red" Green, President/Consultant – Jane Green, Vice President/Marketing

Kel-Crete Environmental

Kel-Crete has been independently tested by infrared spectroscopy test and scan to establish Kel-Crete as non-toxic, non-hazardous products.

Kel-Crete Climatic Conditions

Kel-Crete has been tested to perform under all climatic conditions; wind, rain, cold, heat, salt, etc.

Kel-Crete Freeze/Thaw

Kel-crete formulation has been job-site tested for 840 cycles without failure.

Specifications in Spanish (see product pages)

Plaster/Stucco Acceptance Criteria (click for PDF)

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